Day one, post-employment…

Available for work

Today is the first day in over 20 years that I haven’t had a job. I am a girl that likes to work. So much so that even when I’ve switched jobs, I would end one on a Friday and start the new one on a Monday.  Seriously, I barely take vacation time because I actually like to work.  So this worker bee is now in a place that she hasn’t been in quite some time. I’m documenting my journey, here’s hoping that this is my last post because I will have a job tomorrow.

Day one post-employment. 8.16.17

On my first unofficial day of unemployment (Tuesday), I spent 13 full hours submitting to job applications. YES, you read that correctly, 13 hours!  Guess what? I still don’t have a job today. So frustrating.

Okay, so now here we are, day one of my official first day post-employment.

6:40 AM: Time to prayI started my day with prayer. I am a praying woman, but I don’t typically start with prayer as soon as I open my eyes. Today I did. I asked the Lord to grant me peace, to guide my steps. I asked that I find a job that that would fulfill my passion AND financial obligations.  I told Him what He already knows, that I am trusting Him in utter faith to take me to the next point in my career. Well my friends, you might not believe what I believe, but I had such a feeling of peace and joy come over me that I had to smile. He’s got this. I’ve got this. Now don’t get me wrong faith without work, is that of a fool. I’m no fool.  So I am working, full-time to find a new job.

7:35 AM: Advisory Board meeting. Today the meeting seemed so much more crowded. All these people with full-time jobs making decisions that would impact other people.  Talking about how to help students succeed, in life, in college and at work. The whole time I was thinking, I wonder if Susie got my email with my resume? Or wait, I need to update my resume to say that I did this. Hmm, did I remember to get my favorite coffee mug off of my desk?  Then snap, someone mentioned my name. Dang, what did they say? I nodded and smiled. I guess that worked because they went onto the next topic. But I did snap out of it long enough to actually add some useful information to the conversation. Finally, the meeting was over. The board president and I discussed my lack of employment, he asked me to send my resume.

9:00 AM: At the local coffee shop. I start making a to-do-list…

  1. Get a job.
  2. Go to see the doctor.
  3. Make an eye appointment.
  4. Make a dentist appointment.
  5. Clean the garage. This has been on my list since May.
  6. Clean the basement. This has been on my list since January.
  7. Clean the kitchen cabinets.
  8. Call my credit companies. I heard that this is the perfect to negotiate.
  9. Do my homework. Oh yea, that’s right, I’m working on my PhD. I almost forgot.
  10. Email Joe.
  11. Email Brandie.
  12. Email Wade.
  13. Look up Account Management jobs.

5:00 PM: I finished my homework. I emailed Joe, Brandie and Wade. I still don’t have a job and my garage, basement and kitchen cabinets are still a mess! Oh plus my teeth still need cleaning and my glasses adjusted. Basically, the only thing I really accomplished was my homework.

8:00 PM: I still don’t have a job. But I have made process, I wrote this blog post.

So that was the summary of my first official day, post-employment.  I hope you get my sarcasm and painfully accurate depiction of humor regarding a subject that is absolutely not funny.

By the way, if you have an extra job laying around that you aren’t using, I could use one.  Seriously, though, link in with me.


Becoming Beautiful…

butterflyIn one of those random discussions among girlfriends that lingers and resonates, a friend said to me “you need to take the time to be beautiful”.

She said, “Think about it. The caterpillar stays in its cocoon to take the time to become beautiful. Then it re-enters the world, beautiful and free. Spreading its beauty as it goes along. We should take the time to become beautiful. Our time in this cocoon of life, at this season in our life, is not our final stage. It is only the time while we are working on our beauty. “

Wow, the wisdom. The truth. The beauty in her words.  She doesn’t know it yet, but she blew me completely away. She shared this with me in February and I have since made several changes in my life.

I started to let go of the fears that kept me trapped in my complacent familiar little life.  A life that lacked something.  I slowly peeled away the things that held me back.  The things that left me beauty-less. And guess what, the beauty flowed effortlessly.

I’m not saying this in a conceded way, but people have noticed. They could see the change in me.  They could see the butterfly peeking out from all those layers.

So thank you Nakeeba, my friend.  One day, real soon I will show the world, the beautiful I have been working on.

10 Simple things about Milwaukee Brown Girl…



I love lists. Why? Because they are simple and easy to read. And I like simple.

So here is a list of 10 simple things about Milwaukee Brown Girl.

  1. I am and will always be a teen mom, although currently I am 45 and the grandmother to two beautiful boys.Cool Gma
  2. I like change. I change my hair, my furniture, my life all of the time.
  3. I have so many circles of friends that socially I just can’t keep up with them all.
  4. Shopping is like a sport to me, the challenge is to find a bargain.
  5. I have had 3 life threatening experiences that forced me into self-reflection and growth!
  6. I am overly organized and clutter makes me anxious! But yet I have it…I just don’t like it.
  7. I spell horribly, but can identify when I have misspelled a word.
  8. I have learned to always listen to my gut feeling, no matter what.
  9. I am spiritually connected to God, always have been, always will be.
  10. I know what I’m good at and I’m not afraid of it.

There you have it, not everything but a few simple things. Now it’s your turn, share 10 things about yourself.