Becoming Beautiful…

butterflyIn one of those random discussions among girlfriends that lingers and resonates, a friend said to me “you need to take the time to be beautiful”.

She said, “Think about it. The caterpillar stays in its cocoon to take the time to become beautiful. Then it re-enters the world, beautiful and free. Spreading its beauty as it goes along. We should take the time to become beautiful. Our time in this cocoon of life, at this season in our life, is not our final stage. It is only the time while we are working on our beauty. “

Wow, the wisdom. The truth. The beauty in her words.  She doesn’t know it yet, but she blew me completely away. She shared this with me in February and I have since made several changes in my life.

I started to let go of the fears that kept me trapped in my complacent familiar little life.  A life that lacked something.  I slowly peeled away the things that held me back.  The things that left me beauty-less. And guess what, the beauty flowed effortlessly.

I’m not saying this in a conceded way, but people have noticed. They could see the change in me.  They could see the butterfly peeking out from all those layers.

So thank you Nakeeba, my friend.  One day, real soon I will show the world, the beautiful I have been working on.


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