Friday Five, a list of five things each and every Friday.

10 Simple things about me pic

5 Reasons to date me

  1. I’m rich! Well not in money but in so many other ways. I have a great family. I have the best friends. I have a career that I love. And I have an amazingly positive outlook on life, I say that makes me rich.
  2. I have dental insurance, so when I get old and start losing my teeth it won’t impact my smile. And speaking of my smile. It is pretty great. YES, I have a gap in between my teeth. But that gap makes my smile unique, special and like I said pretty great. Most importantly I smile A LOT. Who wants to date someone who frowns all the time?
  3. I’m a skirt wearing high-heeled tall Amazonian chocolate drop of happiness. (Ha. I even had to laugh at that one.) Basically, I have long legs and love to wear skirts.
  4. I can pay for dinner. I prefer not to, but I am financially able to buy my own meals.
  5. I am crazy stupid fun and have a good sense of humor. I laugh a lot. It is my favorite thing to do.

Okay I could go on and on but I won’t. And this list is by no means an invitation to weirdos to contact me or an indication of desperation for a date. It is just a simple list of why I am date-able. Hope you enjoyed it.


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