Friday Five – 5 Things to do INSTEAD of watching football!

Go Pack Go
Go Pack Go!

A list of 5 things to do INSTEAD of watching football!

I grew up in a household full of football fans.  Every single weekend our family TV would be commandeered for football watching (remember when families had only one TV).  I know commandeered is a strong word but you see I never ever liked football! So during all of the family bonding time I was in my room writing stories, or acting out plays with my dolls.

Having this childhood flashback got me to thinking; maybe there are other people like me.  People who would like to do something else on the weekends during football season.  Hence (oh what a formal word), I have created a list of five simple little things a person can do INSTEAD of watching football!

1.      Shopping! Of course being who I am, I have to put shopping at the top of my list. You should know that the stores are empty!  Especially when the hometown team is playing.

2.      Go to the movies. Movie theatres are also empty and I think they fill your popcorn bucket up a little higher.

3.      Re-organize your closet.  Now I know this might not be exciting to most, but what better way to avoid the game than by getting organized?  Plus if you do it the right way you could make room for more stuff. (Please refer to Option 1.)

4.      Write a novel.  So let’s see, there are 32 teams in the NFL, each plays about 16 games and each game is about 3 hours long…that equals A LOT of writing time (yes, I did my research).  Perfect timing I would say.

5.      Sleep. I don’t know about you but during the week I never seem to get enough sleep.  So my Sunday afternoons are all about the sleeping, and then of course the mall.

Happy Non-Football Weekend! Enjoy.  Oh and by the way, Go Pack Go!


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